Zidane made me feel special- Cristiano

Zinedine Zidane coached Cristiano Ronaldo for two and half seasons in Real Madrid. The Portuguese striker has not forgotten about his great relationship with the French coach, mentioning him in a new series on Spanish streaming service DAZN.

In a statement given to ‘DAZN’, Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to talk about his relationship with Zidane, with whom he coincided in his time as a player of Real Madrid.

“The confidence that a player needs almost does not depend on himself, but on the people around him, other players and the coach. You must feel like an important part of the group and Zidane made me feel special,” said Cristiano as he praised the legendary French coach.

In addition, the Portuguese striker spoke openly of the great respect he has for ‘Zizou‘, who was much more than his coach: “He helped me a lot. I already respected him, but working with him made me admire him even more for the way he was, the way he spoke, the way he guided the team and the way he treated me.”

“He used to say to me: “‘Cris, rest, because you will be the one to make the difference’. He was always honest and that’s why I’ll always carry him in my heart,” said Cristiano Ronaldo, who left Real Madrid last season, practically coinciding with Zidane’s departure from the Santiago Bernabeu.

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